We Did It!

Tuesday was a remarkable day. Thanks to your remarkable support, Oregon voters rejected Measure 43 and once again said "No" to placing vulnerable teens in danger.

Oregon has always been a pro-choice state, and based on Tuesday's clear results, it is clear that Oregon voters saw through this deceptive and dangerous ballot measure.

Despite their previous failure, Oregon Right to Life thought they could slip Measure 43 past the voters -- but you didn't let them. Combined with similar rejections of anti-choice legislation in states throughout America, yesterday marked a memorable day for those of us who fight for choice, safety, and individual rights.

The movement to protect women's health care has been reinvigorated by this election. Hundreds of grassroots supporters like you were mobilized throughout the state, with incredible results.

Thank you again for your help and support -- we couldn't have done it without you!


Carol Butler
Campaign Manager
No on 43

Coos Bay World: Vote no on 43


November 4, 2006

Oregonians who defend a woman's right to choose will want to vote no on Measure 43, the so-called parental notification law.

No surprise there.

But here is a surprise: People who deplore abortion also will want to vote no on this measure. That's how badly flawed it is.

Lt. Jeff Barker: Vote No to Protect Oregon Teens

Listen to our new radio ad: (Download -- 1.4 MB)

This is Lieutenant Jeff Barker. I was a police officer for thirty-one years, and I’ve seen our community change a lot. Sadly, family violence in Oregon has increased. There are too many homes where there’s abuse -- which is why I am voting NO on Measure 43.

43 forces automatic notification of a teen’s pregnancy to a parent by form letter with no exception for rape or incest. And 43 pushes away those who help protect teens -- doctors, nurses, ministers and counselors -- by threatening lawsuits. I’m not just a police officer, I’m also a father. Like most dads, I’d do anything to protect my daughters. But I have seen with my own eyes that not all dads are like that. Locking up the bad guys isn’t the only way we keep our community safe. You have the power and responsibility to protect vulnerable teens too. Vote No on 43. It’s not so simple, and it’s definitely not safe.

Web-Only Ad: Measure 43's "By-Pass" is Anything but Simple


Watch Oregon Registered Nurse Mary Lou Hennrich explain why Measure 43 is not at all simple and not at all safe.

New TV Ad: Measure 43's real-world consequences


Our newest TV ad, "Mail", shows Oregon voters how Measure 43 will affect at-risk teens in the real world. The truth is that Measure 43 is not at all simple, and not at all safe.

Help us spread the word by forwarding this ad to your friends.

Then, please contribute so we can make sure every undecided voter in Oregon sees our new ad!

Dear Abby: Friend's Advice to Pregnant Teen Takes a Tragic Turn

October 27, 2006

DEAR ABBY: I am extremely shaken by a recent experience, and I want to share this with other parents who may one day find themselves in a similar situation. My daughter, "Mary," is almost 18 and in the 12th grade. We have always had a close relationship. She has always come to me to talk about what's going on in her life -- friends, crushes, school, just about everything.

A few months ago, Mary told me about a terrible situation concerning one of her classmates. "Jill" had just learned that she was pregnant and was frantic. She told Mary that she couldn't tell her parents because she was afraid of a violent reaction.

Mary was so worried about Jill that she came to me for help. After hearing the story, I encouraged my daughter to tell Jill to talk to her parents. I never imagined what would happen next.

First "No on 43" TV ad hits the airwaves!

Our first ad features Mary Lou Hennrich, an Oregon nurse of more than 30 years who talks about the dangers of Measure 43. Watch the ad now!


We are launching this ad in three Oregon media markets -- but we need your help to keep it on the air. Please contribute today, and make sure every undecided voter in Oregon sees our new ad!

Newspapers across Oregon agree: NO on 43!

Just take a look at what all of these Oregon newspapers are saying about Measure 43:

The Oregonian says, "The question for voters is whether the government should force its way into the conversations about abortion. We think it shouldn't."

Read The Oregonian's editorial here.

The Statesman Journal says "No law can guarantee that teenage girls will talk with their parents. Even about an issue as heart-wrenching as pregnancy."

Read the Statesman Journal's editorial here.

The Eugene Register-Guard says, "Leave decisions about parental notification in the hands of Oregon's health care professionals, where they have been capably handled for decades. Vote no on Measure 43."

Read the Eugene Register-Guard's editorial here.

The Bend Bulletin says, "No law, including Measure 43, can 'fix' families that have difficulty talking about life's problems among themselves... It should be defeated."

Read the Bend Bulletin's editorial here.

No on 43 Coalition Growing

With less than a month to go until ballots are counted, the No on 43 coalition is growing as Oregonians learn that it is not simple and not safe. Key organizations opposing Measure 43 include the Oregon Medical Association, Oregon Nurses Association, Oregon Education Association, and the League of Women Voters. These organizations represent over 100,000 Oregonians from all parts of the state.

Thousands of Oregonians have joined our campaign and more are signing up every day. These grassroots supporters are working to let Oregon voters know that Measure 43 will put vulnerable teens at greater risk.

Read our full endorsement list -- and then join our growing coalition by signing our No on 43 pledge!